Purchased a cellphone accessory using PayPal. When I complained to PayPal a week after the purchase, the seller responded at that time with a USPS tracking number.

The USPS response to the tracking number was that USPS received the electronic tracking number from the seller but never received the parcel for mailing.

Only judging by other similar reports about this seller, I assume that the seller has a willful policy of not shipping the product and not refunding payment.

My advice: Don't trust any seller of anything on the web. That will make the credit card and banks and search engines lose revenue and they have the power to stop such seller's non-delivery policy.

Consumers must boycott the web in mass.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I fear I may run into the same problem with this cell phone accessory company.

I placed an order for a cell phone case on 7/18. By 8/01, still no case. I've been told by a not-so-pleasant and so-called customer service rep that it will another week before the item is shipped. Allegedly, the item is on back order. I was not notified of this order status. You cannot check your order status online. And my email to check on the order status was not returned.

I'm in the process of sending a complaint to the company (although a direct contact person could not be found) and the Better Business Bureau. While I don't agree you shouldn't trust anyone online, I do believe you should be wary. On a more personal note, I would NEVER recommend EliteXtreme to anyone. My advice: shop elsewhere.

to Another Angry Customer Longview, Washington, United States #709958

I am having the same problem!!I ordered three cell phone cases, got two of them.

This was three months ago. Still waiting for the third cover.

No refund or cover yet...Lisa Newton

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